Water And Sanitation Sub Meter Readings

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 Water And Sanitation Sub Meter Readings

Body corporates and property management companies often need to deal with water management issues. Installing new sub-meter water meters may be the best option when it comes down to reducing water usage and wastage. Correct and fair meter reading can lead to higher revenues, as it improves the efficiency of billing.

Please note that we only provide a water meter reading service in conjunction with the electricity meter reading service at a building or complex due to the fact that there are no build-in tariff profit allocated by the various city councils towards the reselling of water.

Therefore, all bulk city council water accounts must be registered in the body corporate or managing agent's name.

Once sub-meters have been installed, when do customers receive their first individual account?

Two official readings (which currently occur monthly) are required before water usage at the complex can be charged to the individual unit owners.

Why are two meter readings required before individualised accounts can be sent out for newly sub-metered developments?

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Readings taken at the time of "commissioning" the sub-meters cannot be used for billing purposes as the master city council meter(s) is only read monthly, which impacts all charges.
  2. Two meter readings are required to determine the amount of water that has passed through the sub-meters during a certain period of time, ie.between official meter readings.
  3. After these two official readings have been obtained, the individual unit meters are then recorded by the meter billing team as "in-line" meters to the main parent meter(s). Any difference (shortfall) between the water usage recorded through the main parent city council meter(s) and the combined total water usage recorded for all the individual "in-line" meters is deemed to be common property water usage and is charged to the Body Corporate.
  4. Without the two readings from all meters within the complex (including the main / city council meter) it is impossible to accurately determine the common area water usage charges to be billed to the Body Corporate.
If you need us to include water and sanitation meter reading services, a very reasonable and competitive service fee of R14,00 (Excluding VAT) per meter will be charged, which includes the following:


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