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 New Service Application

It's easy to start electricity services at your new premises. Just choose the appliccable new residential supply application or the new business supply application. from and fax or e-mail it to us. A copy of your I.D. must be attached to this form. Business users need to attach their company registration as well as VAT registration form and a copy of each director's I.D. document.

We'll take care of everything from there -- you don't need to be present when we connect your electricity supply, because electricity distribution boxes are usually situated outside your residence. After we have connected your electricity supply, please reset your breakers, which we leave off for safety reasons. Requests must be received before 4 p.m. to guarantee same-day service at the standard turn-on fee.

Please NOTE: Electricity services can only be connected Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Turn-on where a meter is needed

If you are about to move into a brand-new home were a Global International Meter Services meter has not yet been installed, turn-on cannot be scheduled directly. To arrange for a meter to be installed, please call us at least 7 business days before your anticipated move-in date.

Please provide the following information when you call:

  • Date you want electricity services to start
  • Address of the home where we need to activate power
  • Billing address, if different from the home address

Same-day power turn-on

If you need to activate electricity services right away at a premises that has an existing electricity meter, Global International Meter Services can do this the same day you request it -- just submit your request no later than 3 p.m. by choosing the new residential supply application or the new business supply application.

Turn-on status

If your power has not been turned on, please be sure to reset the breakers before calling our Customer Service at (012) 751 0665.

Your account and personal details

You need to give us some personal information so we can supply energy and services to you. It's important that any information you give us is correct and that you tell us if there are any changes to it.

If your energy account is in more than one person's name, each person named on the account will be able to access all account information.

Ownership of meters

We have provided you with the metering equipment placed inside your property, but it remains the property of Global International Meter Services. You do not own this metering equipment and, therefore, must not allow it to become a fixture or improvement to your property or move or remove it from the location to which it is supplied.

Requesting a new service as a business consumer

When you receive your electricity bill at the end of the month, you will see two different charges included. The one charge is called your "energy charge" and it gets billed for each kWh (unit of energy) consumed. On your Global International tax invoice - this energy charge reflects under the description "Electricity". An energy charge is what Global International charges you for your electricity usage based on the energy consumed in terms of kilowatt-hours (kWh) in a given billing cycle (diference between old and current meter reading) and the city council prescribed tariff rate for that energy.

The second charge is your Circuit Breaker / Capacity Charge as indicated below.

Please read our reduce your circuit breaker / capacity charge for more information.

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