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An electricity meter is an instrument that measures and registers the continuous power consumption of energy users. Such a meter typically consists of two parts: a transducer to convert the power into a me-chanical or electrical signal, and a counter to integrate and display the value of the total energy that has passed through the meter.

Requesting your meter to be tested or replaced

Your electricity meter have been tested and checked by the suppliers for accuracy prior to installation. Global International Meter Services CC only buy and install meters from internationally accredited suppliers. This means that the meter we supplied you with complies with all the relevant SABS standards. All three main electricity meter brands supplied by Global International Meter Services CC to it's customers are installed and used by various supply authorities and city councils nationally and internationally.

If you dispute the accuracy of the electricity meter or suspect your meter to be out of order or inaccurate, application can be made to have the meter tested. We will arrange for a conventional test meter to be installed in line (in serie) with your current electricity meter in accordance with the relevant meter testing requirements.

Should the test results show that the electricity meter is registering incorrectly:

No consumer's meter will be replaced without verifying the correctness of the meter at the installation point. A calibrated check meter will first be installed at the site by Global International Meter Services for checking the error of the existing meter and the report of checking the meter indicating the error observed in the existing meter will be given to the consumer before disconnecting and removing the check meter from the consumer's premises.

Should your meter be faulty, a refund will be worked out on the last six month's consumption based on the error indicated in the meter checking report and will be adjusted by Global International Meter Services in the next billing cycle. Under no circumstances will the meter be removed from site for calibration checking purposes.

Global International Meter Services will inform the consumer before we replace the meter, if found to be defective. If you have reason to believe that your electricity meter is out of order or is registering incorrectly, you may request Global International Meter Services to have your meter tested. Download and send us your requist to test my meter form.

Installation Of Meters

Except for the installation and maintenance of our own meters, Global International Meter Services does not repair wiring on the customer's premises and, therefore, is not responsible for the voltage beyond this point of delivery and does not assume any responsibility for, or liability arising because of the condition of wires on the premises of any customer. Our team of Global International Meter Services's sub-contractors will quickly install S.A.B.S. approved meters in your building's utility closets, leveraging your existing electrical infrastructure. That means no core drilling through floors and no need to run additional communication cables through the building.

Once the meters are installed, we simply connect them to your building's main electrical wires, and then activate the meters to measure how much electricity is going to each individual unit. For new developments throughout Gauteng Province, we work with the developer's existing electrical sub-contractors to ensure that the installation of our S.A.B.S. approved meters are seamlessly incorporated into their existing project. Our meters are installed in the building's utility closets, connected to the building's main electrical wires and then programmed to meter electricity for each individual unit.

Normally, most services will be supplied and metered at secondary distribution voltage. The type, size, and number of meters to be installed for a specific complex will be determined by Global International Meter Services. It is essential that new potential consumers notify Global International Meter Services promptly of any additional proposed service requirements. The meter location is an important consideration to both Global International Meter Services and the consumer. Meters for service to residential and commercial consumers shall be installed in the db boxes supplied by the developer outside. All meters shall be mounted so as to provide ready access for reading, testing, and other maintenance purposes.

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