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Also called a circuit breaker charge.

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 Circuit Breaker / Capacity Charge

What is a Circuit Breaker / Capacity Charge?

A Circuit Breaker / Capacity Charge is an amount charged per month for a metering point which is payable whether or not electricity is consumed and is determined by the rating of the consumer's main incoming circuit breaker size, and which forms part of the city council's tariff structure. The Municipality determines the fixed Circuit Breaker / Capacity Charge as part of their approved electricity tariffs from time to time, and we as electricity re-sellers have no part in the setting of such tariffs. This fixed charge is payable whether or not electricity is consumed for that month and this charge is determined by the amps rating of the consumer's main incoming circuit breaker size (the capacity you need to operate all your electrical equipment). If your business are using three phase electrical equipment - you will be charged this city council prescribed charge accordingly.

Capacity charges generally only apply to business consumers: When you receive your electricity bill at the end of the month, you will see two different charges included. The one charge is called your "energy charge" and it gets billed for each kWh (unit of energy) consumed. On your Global International tax invoice - this energy charge reflects under the description "Electricity". An energy charge is what Global International charges you for your electricity usage based on the energy consumed in terms of kilowatt-hours (kWh) in a given billing cycle (diference between old and current meter reading) and the city council prescribed tariff rate for that energy.

The second charge is your Circuit Breaker / Capacity Charge as indicated below.

Who determines the capacity charges?

The various City Council's determine these fixed charges as part of their approved electricity tariffs from time to time, and Global International as an electricity re-seller have no part in the setting of such tariffs.

How does the capacity charge influence your account?

The unit (kwh) tariff applied to business accounts in respect of which a capacity / circuit breaker(fixed) charge is levied, is significantly less than the tariffs applied to domestic accounts. Consumers are welcome to contact our offices for the latest approved business tariffs or to download them from the web at under the "Documents" tab.

Please note that when switching to business pre-paid, the city council prescribed capacity charge is still due and payable to Global International each month. Each month the consumer will receive a normal paper tax invoice from Global International reflecting this capacity charge as well as the customers payments.

How can the capacity charge be reduced?

Consumers whose premises are equipped with a main supply circuit breaker of which the rating exceeds their needs, may downgrade the supply to effect a saving on the capacity charge. Such a down grade must be done at the consumer's cost by a qualified electrician and with written permission from the landlord of the premises IF IT IS NOT YOUR FIRST TIME.

Once the downgrade has been completed, Global International Meter Services CC must be notified thereof and a staff member will be sent to inspect the installation. This inspection may carry a fee as determined from time to time by management. Once the installation has been approved, the capacity charge will be adapted accordingly. On vacating the premises, the old original circuit breaker that was removed - must be re-installed to the initial installation when you moved in at the consumer's own cost. Please note that the upgrade process work on the same principal.

Please download and fill in the application form provided below and fax or e-mail it to us for approval.

  Reduce Capacity Charge Application      Upgrade Capacity Charge Application

Blocked and unblocking of Pre-paid meters

Business consumers must please note that the pre-paid system automatically block a consumer from purchasing new pre-paid electricity vouchers if the consumer's council prescribed capacity / circuit breaker charge reflects as outstanding after the 1'st of each month.

Customers must please note that a blocking admin fee of R140.00 (Including VAT) will be payable, together with the arrears BEFORE the meter can be unblocked.

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