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Self and hosted vending option

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 Pre-paid Vending Platform

The vending platform

Estate and complex owners can choose to operate their own vending and revenue collection system where they can generate prepaid electricity and water tokens and reports and collect their own funds. Global International offers two platforms specially tailored to each residential complex / estate's needs in order to achieve this.

The vending solution is managed via means of our prepaid utility management system. The system requires that all meters in the field are registered with our utility management system. During registration a meter is defined with a set of properties, including details of the owner, the current tenant and financial parameters for revenue management. Credit vouchers can be obtained using SMS, WEB or RETAIL SHOP purchases, depending on the management method chosen by the residential complex / estate.

New Credit can be added to a prepaid meter either by optaining prepaid tokens from the Body Corporate or straight from Global International. There are two main vending management methods we offer: Self-Managed Prepaid Vending and Outsourced Prepaid Vending.

Self-Managed vending option:

A prepaid sub meter is installed AFTER / downstream from the existing municipal / Eskom meter. Any number of prepaid metering devices can be installed provided they are feeding off from the existing, Eskom / municipality managed account. The sectional title or full title estate owner interfaces with the prepaid sub meter, paying upfront before they have access to prepaid power or water. These funds are collected before the utilities are used thereby eliminating the possibility of non - payment. Funds collected through sectional title or full title estate managed option are collected by the estate and paid to eskom or the municipality once the bill is received.

Sectional title or full title estate's with large amount of houses / flats prefer this option were they can access on site, manage, generate and print tokens themself. The estate caretaker or operator will need a PC, thermal label printer and an internet connection. Global International will provide the sectional title or full title estate with web based vending software. We will allocate the appointed caretaker or operator an online USERNAME and PASSWORD to log in to the online vending system. This will allow the caretaker or operator to generate and print the estate's own tokens for each pre-paid water or electricity meter which can then be sold on to their owners.

Because the estate then handles their own vending on site, Global International will at the end of the month only bill a 8.5% vending fee instead of the normal 10% management fee to cover all the infrastructure costs on the backend of the vending system. The estate will in other words earn a monthly 1.5% self vending fee as if they are an registered shop vendor for Global International. This offers the residential estate an opportunity to cover the salery of the caretaker / vending operator. This option also offers a great advantage to sectional title and full title estate's in terms of credit control.

Outsourced vending option:

This option is for residential estates who don't want the hassle of collecting cash onsite and generating their own tokens. Global International then collects all the cash on the estate's behalf. Our 10% service fee is recovered in the transaction when the estate owner purchases an electricity or prepaid water token from us.

All vending related funds collected during the month are deposited into the residential estate's nominated bank account between the 7'th and 15'th of each month. These funds are then paid by the estate manager towards the applicable city council account. Global International will provide the estate with a full transaction report that will be submitted to the estate or property manager showing all transactional data for that period. This option is ideal for multiple meter installations. Please visit our purchase channels page and follow the "Global International: In-house Vending Steps" link to learn more about this vending option.

Global International also offer estate owners 24/7/365 access to third party vending through their preffered medium, retail(shop purchases), online, banking and mobile apps at an additional added fee of 2%. Global International then also handles all estate owner's vending related enquiries. This option offers the estate manager the freedom to spend more time on their core business and less time on the estate's admin.

This is the most popular, hassle free vending option as it enable's tenants and home owners to purchase electricity as well as water prepaid vouchers practically anywhere and at any time. Tenants can purchase either via EasyPay or UniPin enabled outlets.

Purchase At:
  • Pick n Pay
  • Checkers
  • Shoprite
  • Boxer stores
  • Most ATMS
  • Internet banking
Purchase At:
  • BP
  • Sasol
  • Shell
  • Caltex
  • Total
  • Spar stores

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