Meter Tampering and Electricity Theft
It is a criminal offence to tamper with your metering device!

 Illegal Connections

At Global International, your safety is of paramount important to us. Your pre-paid meter is an important and potentially dangerous piece of equipment that must not be interfered with in any way. It is dangerous and illegal to tamper with a pre-paid meter or to procure someone else to tamper with it. Meter tampering or any electrical interference poses significant dangers to the people involved as well as to members of the public, the emergency services and Global International staff. Meter tampering is easily detected and we are dedicated when it comes to identifying those involved. It is Global International's policy to take criminal proceedings against anyone who has interfered with a meter installation.

Consequences for meter tampering and illegal connections

Meter tampering, or attempting to bypass or reconnect electricity services without authorization, is a crime that can lead to arrest and conviction.

Should the pre-paid meter be found tampered with or the meter seals removed upon a periodic inspection, Global International Meter Services will charge a penalty amount of R 1 500,00 against the offender + PLUS all the stolen power will be calculated and back charged before we can restore your electricity supply. Global International will also notify the SAPS to open a formal electricity theft case against the ofender.

Please don't tamper with your meter. Your pre-paid meter is designed to be safe. It is a sealed unit and must not be opened under any circumstances, as there is no trip device inside to trip the power if you shock. Please call us if you have any problems. Your meter will de-activate immediately should you attempt to open it.

The Prepaid Electricity management system is managed by Global International. All meter devices communicate with the Prepaid Electricity management system and are monitored constantly.

Report illegal connections and meter tampering

Global International is responsible for the metering equipment on your property. If you suspect someone is stealing electricity, please report it to us as soon as possible.

Confidentiality regarding the identity of the person reporting the meter tampering or illegal connection will be maintained at all times, and nobody acting in good faith will be penalized for making such disclosure regarding such important information that might be in the interest of Global International. Every effort will be made not to reveal the identity of the whistle blower unless he/she permit/allow it.

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