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Holley: Single-Phase BS Type Prepayment Meter

This meter is a BS5685 mounted 80A, Class 1 accuracy meter utilising robust Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology for communication between the Metering Unit and the Customer Interface unit (CIU). The meter can operate in postpayment or prepayment modes.

This meter complies fully with IEC62055-31 prepayment meter specification and the IEC adopted STS specifications viz IEC 62055-41/51/52 . The meter has high precision, low power consumption. This meter is ideally suited for residential applications.

Designed to provide user's with a comprehensive functionality set:

  • CIU allows the user to interact with the meter using a set of standardised short codes.
  • The Metering Unit allows the meter technician to interact with the meter via the large LCD and with protected software via the optical port.
  • Prepayment or Postpayment Modes.
  • Anti-Fraud features and event logging.
  • Communication options via local Optical port or USB port for future remote connectivity.

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  • Prepayment Functionality based on STS standard.
  • Optional Emergency Credit feature (can be disabled).
  • Postpaid functionality based on IEC/DLMS COSEM standards.
  • Bi-directional Import and export active energy measurement for solar energy applications.
  • Anti-tamper features with event logging.
  • Local optical port to IEC 62055-52 (prepayment mode) and IEC 62056-21 (postpayment mode).
  • Optional Micro USB port (Eskom standard 240-76625601).

LCD Functionality:

Segment/symbol on LCD Description
Main display for energy, tokens and instantaneous values
OBIS code
Remaining credit data indicator
UIU battery under voltage indicator
kWh, V, A, KW Composite unit
Tamper event alarm indicator
Relay open / closed indicator
Communication symbol, flashes when data exchanges underway
Reverse current indicator
Voltage detection indicator

LED Functionality:

LED Display Indicator status
Rate of consumption (Red LED)
Flashing Red LED indicates the rate of electricity consumption. A fast flash indicates high usage while a slow flash indicates low usage
Alarm/relay status/ communication (bi-colour LED)
RED: indicates relay disconnected (high priority) FLASHING RED: indicates tamper event occurred GREEN: MCU and UIU communicating
Remaining Credit Status (bi-colour LED)
GREEN: Remaining credit exceed the high credit threshold RED: Remaining credit below the high credit threshold FLASHING RED: Remaining credit below the lowlow credit threshold
FLASHING RED with BUZZER: Remaining credit below the critical credit threshold. Note: when the meter in the postpaid mode, LED is GREEN

Recharging the meter

  • After purchasing credit, the user will receive a 20 digit STS TOKEN
  • The STS TOKEN is entered into the meter using the UIU keypad
  • Entering the token, 10 seconds between inputting of consecutive digits is allowed. Exceeding this will result in the user having to restart the inputting process.
  • The back one space clear button allows errors to be corrected.
  • Once all digits have correctly being keyed in, the accept button transmits the token to the MCU meter
  • The meter configuration software can also be used to enter the token into the meter

On entry of the token, one of the following responses are received:

Display Description
Recharge successfully
Recharge credit is 132.50kWh
Recharge unsuccessful
Entered TOKEN has previously being entered
Recharge unsuccessful
Entered TOKEN code is correct but this recharge credit plus remaining credit exceeds maximum credit threshold
Recharge unsuccessful
Entered TOKEN older than the oldest TOKEN in the meter log (Overdue TOKEN)
Recharge unsuccessful
Entered TOKEN incorrectly entered
Recharge unsuccessful
The security key of the Entered TOKEN has expired

Measurement and Billing:

  • Active energy (import and export).
  • Remaining credit.
  • Instantaneous Measurement (V, I, kW, f, power factor).


  • Metering Unit:
  • - LED indicators provide visual indication for active power consumption rate, credit status, load switch status, alarms, mains power and "communication to CIU" status.
  • Customer Interface Unit (CIU):
  • - Large LCD with language independent icons.
  • - Supports 3 display modes: scrolling display, manual display and power-off display.
  • - Display contents are configurable.
  • - LED indicators provide visual indication for credit status and alarm buzzer.

Anti-Tamper Features:

  • Meter cover open.
  • Terminal cover open.
  • Energy reverse.
  • Magnetic influence.
  • Long or short terminal covers in Bakelite or Transparent material.

Event Logging:

  • Time stamp and event identification are logged for:
  • - Tampering.
  • - Overvoltage and Under Voltage.
  • - Overload.
  • - Power failure.
  • - Programming.


  • IEC62055-31, IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21, IEC 62056-21, IEC 62056-61, IEC62055-41, IEC62055-51, IEC62055-52.
  • STS 101-1, STS 201-1.
  • Eskom standard: 240-76625601.

Accuracy Class

  • Class 1 (IEC 62053-21).


  • Rated Current Ib = 5A.
  • Max. current Imax = 80A.
  • Starting Current = 0.004Ib.


  • Reference Voltage Un = 230V.
  • Voltage Range = 0.8Un to 1.2Un.
  • MaximumWithstand Voltage = 440V (48 hrs).

Reference Frequency

  • 50Hz ∓ 2%.

RTC Control

  • Clock accuracy (23oC) = less than 0.5s / day.

Temperature Range

  • Operation =-25oC to +70oC.
  • Storage = -40oC to +85oC.
  • Humidity = up to 75%.

Insulation Tests

  • AC voltage test = 4 kV @ 50 Hz for 1 min
  • Impulse Voltage test = 6 kV @ 1.2|50 ms.

Dimensions (h x w x d)

  • 185mm x 130mm x 87mm.


  • Current circuit = =4VA.
  • Voltage circuit = =2W/10VA.

Rate Indicator

  • 1000 imp/kWh.

Communication to CIU

  • PLC - Multi frequency channels. 150m range dependant on noise environment.


  • Multi-function LCD with backlighting.


  • Electrostatic discharges (Contact discharges) = ∓8kV.
  • Electrostatic discharges(Air discharges) = ∓15kV.
  • Surge immunity test = ∓4kV.
  • Fast transient burst test = ∓4kV.
  • Electromagnetic RF fields = 10V 150kHz~80MHz.

Ingress Protection

  • IEC 60529 = IP 54.


  • 1.5kg.


  • RTC maintained for at least 2 years in case of any power failure.
Customer Interface Unit (CIU):

User Interface

  • 12 digit keypad with audio feedback.
  • Braille tactile on center "5" key to assist the visually impaired.


  • Multi-function LCD with backlighting.


  • Wall mounting.


  • 230V 50Hz AC power (Default).
  • Battery: 4xAAA batteries (to allow recharge when credit is depleted).

Ingress Protection

  • IEC 60529 = IP 52.

Dimensions (h x w x d)

  • 148mm x 82.5mm x 37.5mm.


  • 0.5 kg.

Overall Dimension

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