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Q1.   How will the municipal rate increases affect me?

 Answer : 

Electricity rates are usually increased during the month of June each year. When the city council pre-paid rates increase, these increases are adjusted on the vending system. This means that if you bought 500 units (kWh) for R500,00, you will still receive a token for R500,00, but for less units (KWh).

The increase amount will differ according to the area and regeon your pre-paid meter is situated.

Q2.   How does the system calculate the current pre-paid Kw/h Rate?

 Answer : 

Each city and regeon has got it's own tariff structure. The tariff applicable to you is therefor allocated towards the area the pre-paid meter is situated.

Q3.   How legal are your prepaid meter installations?

 Answer : 

Our pre-paid meter installations are city council comlient and is therefor 100% legal. We do not remove or replace the current city council meter for your property. We do however take full responsibility towards payment of the deposit and monthly electricity bill for your property the same day when your pre-paid meter gets installed.

You will only be responsible for feeding your pre-paid meter with tokens inside your house or flat.

Q4.   After installation of the pre-paid meter at the tenant's appartment, What should you do?

 Answer : 

All you need to do is to refer your tenants to our website were they can download a copy of the credit token purchase process. You can even tell them to contact our offices and we will fax or e-mail the information to them.

Q5.   Will I get a prepaid discount from the utility?


The city council have one bulk electricity connection just outside your complex usually close to the entrance. Global International Meter Services is responsible for payment of all the individual energy consumptions which registers through this bulk electricity meter. There is a fixed kWh body corporate electricity tariff rate charged by the city council for each unit (kWh) consumed through their bulk meter.

Therefore, you must be charged according to the reselling tariff prescribed by N.E.R.S.A. (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) for your area were the complex is situated. It does not matter to N.E.R.S.A. or the city council, what type of metering system you bill the residents or tenants inside the complex with, whether it is an AMR (Automatic Meter Remote System), normal conventional metering or pre-paid metering. We are still obligated to charge you the prescribed reselling tariff for your area according to the tariff scale applicable to electricity users within a complex. Therefore the current city council pre-paid tariff will not apply to you, because you do not have a single private connection at the council which is converted to pre-paid. You get supplied with electricity via a bulk connection outside your complex. Only complex bulk reselling tariffs will therefore apply to you.


When we take over your private house or flat's city council connection, we may only charge you the tariff reflecting on the council bill. The tariff charged by the city council for your property is therefor charged towards a conventional meter and not a pre-paid meter.

Q6.   Will I get help and support after my meter is installed?

 Answer : 

After installation of your pre-paid meter you will automatically become one of our valued customers. Help and support are given free of charge to all our pre-paid customers.

Q7.   How will a power failure effect me?

 Answer : 

If there is a power failure in your area your pre-paid meter's LCD screan will turn blank. The credit balance memory function on your meter will not be affected by this power failure, because of the build in re-chargable battery. No credit data is therefor lost in the process.

When the power is restored, your available credit left on the pre-paid meter will re-appear as no energy (kWh) were used during the power failure.

Q8.   What should I tell my new tenants if they plan to move in?


Just refer them to us or our website and we will take it from there. All their burning questions will be answered.

Q9.   What should I do if my cellphone get stolen and therefore loose my saved voucher number?

 Answer : 

The 20-digit credit token send to your cellphone is unique and incripted. This number can only be used by your pre-paid meter and by your meter only! If your neighbour stole your cellphone, the number will not work on his meter.

All vended transactions are safely kept at a remote database and this enables us to just resend that same number that was send to your stolen cellphone. So in the process you only lost your cellphone and not the money you spend on your electricity token.

Q10.   If I accidently delete the voucher number sms'ed to my cellphone, What must I do?


Your voucher number is safely kept by us on the remote database and can be obtained by you during office hours.

Q11.   Where can I buy pre-paid electricity tokens?

 Answer : 

20-digit credit tokens can be purchased from us at a cheaper rate. Please phone our offices or download a copy of the purchase process from our website.

Q12.   During what times can I buy water and/or electricity vouchers from Global International?

 Answer : 

Please note that Faxes and E-mails sent to upload credit are manually verified Mondays to Thursdays between 08h00 - 16h00, Fridays between 08h00 - 13h00 and on Saturdays, no phones will be answered, but credit requests will still be processed between 09h00 - 13h00. Credit requests received after these times will be processed the following working day.

Q13.   How Will the pre-paid meter effect my Geyser?

 Answer : 

Your meter will not be effect by any electrical equipment in the property, including the Geyser. Both the voltage and amperage levels before and after the meter will be exactly the same.

The meter acts as a SWITCH wich disconnects the main circuit when the credit on the meter is depleted. The meter unit does not interfere with the power going into the electricity circuits of the property.

Q14.   Is the pre-paid meter equiped with a surge protection ficility?


Yes, the meter incorporates comprehensive, 30kA lightning surge protection.

Q15.   Who will be responsible for payment of the management fee?


When a customer requests a 20-digit credit token, this fee is automatically included in the rate.

Q16.   If I send my proof of payment, how long does it take to send my token?

 Answer : 

If you send us your payment notification per fax or e-mail, your vending request will be processed the same day. We will however not accept any liability for circumstances beyond our control. This includes load shedding for the area, electrical cable theft, general maintenance done to the national pre-paid meter database server or internet access problems.

Q17.   Does your company have a meter maintenance program?

 Answer : 

Yes, this option is additional and a R26,00(Excluding VAT) will be charged per meter per month. Tis is to ensure that you will be fully covered by our maintenance plan should your one year factory guarantee expire.

Q18.  I just moved in. Do I need to register my prepaid meter?

 Answer : 

Your will not receive any pre-paid voucher sms's from Global International as we do not have your cellphone number registered on our system. Please download our PDF METER REGISTRATION FORM. This form can be faxed to 086 - 659 7617 or scaned and emailed to [email protected].

Q19.   Will I still receive accounts after I convert to pre-paid power?

 Answer : 

Yes, residential consumers will receive a final electricity account from Global International for the consumption period up untill the normal conventional meter were removed. Business consumers will still receive a paper bill from us each month to recover the city council fix capacity charges.

Q20.   Will I get my electricity deposit back?

 Answer : 

A normal electricity connection deposit will be raised on your pre-paid record and will be payable before any 20-digit credit tokens can be vended. We will advise you of the amount of this risk deposit, as deposit amounts differ between premises according to the size of the electricity connections and differences in types of electrical installations. No service can therefore be provided without the required deposit payment.

Each resident supplied with pre-paid power inside a complex are required to pay a connection deposit, because the city council still require a bulk connection deposit (equal to twice the rand value of each tenant's separate electricity consumption that gets added together to form the bulk city council deposit for the complex). Your deposit may be increased after three consecutive billing periods if the deposit you paid differs by 20 percent or more of the amount that would have been required based on the actual usage, while taking into account possible seasonal changes in your usage.

Please note that no interest is paid on consumer deposits held by Global International Meter Services. We advise all tenants who do wish to earn interest on their connection deposit to keep the deposit money at their own bank account and to rather apply and provide us with a bank guarantee for the deposit required. In this way they will earn interest on their deposit held by their bank. If we supplied you with additional services such as: service fees, service lights, service water, service sanitation, network charges, capacity charges, water, sanitation, rent or levies, your deposit held by us will be applied to any outstanding amounts and the difference will then be refunded to you.

Q21.   How much power can I buy at a time?


We only restrict consumers a month before the annual city council rate increase to prevent revenue loss.

Q22.   What do I do with the meter card that is included in the pakage?

 Answer : 

You only need the meter card if you purchase "live" electricity or water vouchers over the counter from third party vendors(also called shop vendors).

Q23.   How does the Tamper latch feature work?

 Answer : 

The pre-paid meter is mechanically sealed against tampering through the use of factory-sealed screw plugs on the rear of the meter, and a utility-sealed wire seal on the front of the meter. The use of these mechanical seals ensures that there are visible signs of tampering if unauthorised entry is attempted. In addition, the meter is equipped with a tamper sensor that will automatically disconnect the power to the load in the event of tampering.

The tamper latch will therefore only enable when there is interference with the meter.

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