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 Sub-Meter Reading Services

What is Sub-Metering?

Sub-metering gives property managers and owners significant visibility into utility use and individual consumption patterns. Modular home communities, apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, commercial plazas, retail malls and multi-building institutions can all benefit from the tailored information sub-metering provides.

In the past, sectional and full title communities had only one master city council bulk meter which would service all residents. The electricity, water and sanitation costs were simply included in the monthly homeowners dues and divided equally among the residents. This worked well when electricity, water and sanitation rates were a fraction of what they are today and possible future electricity and water shortages was not a concerning issue. Sub-Metering is a term used for installing individual meters behind the bulk city council master meter. Sub-Meters are the same type of meters the city councils uses to measure electricity and water usage.

What are the benefits of Sub-Metering?

Sub-Metering is a solution to manage electricity, water and sanitation costs for homeowners' associations by offering equitable distribution of cost. You are paying only for the electricity and water you use and not your neighbor's laundry, car wash, toilet/faucet leaks, or excessive water use. Sub-Metering eliminates the residential electricity and water costs from the monthly homeowners' dues which in turn can help to keep the dues low and improves property values.

Residents each pay their seperate electricity, water and sanitation bill each month. Sub-Metering promotes conservation. When residents are accountable for their electricity and water usage, they will conserve. Sub-Metering can detect costly leaks. There is a red triangle on the face of the meter that moves when water is running through the meter. A leaky toilet can waste 50,000 leter's of water in 30 days!

Our sub-meter reading service

Our experience in the utilities sector is extensive. We provide reliable meter reading for a wide variety of property management companies. Whether large or small, your satisfaction is our top priority. Global International uses state of the art software and technology to read all types of electricity meters.

Electricity Meter readings are recorded on hand-held devices in the field and after our monthly financial close-off, these meter-reading are then uploaded as the data source for billing purposes. We know the importance of accurate meter readings. Due to weekends, holidays or the length of the month, the total days between each meter reading may vary. So it's possible for your monthly usage to increase or decrease from the previous billing period even though your average daily use remains the same.

We will normally read your meter about every 30 days to record your kWh usage. The time between readings may sometimes vary from 27 to 34 days. If a scheduled reading date falls on a weekend or holiday, readings will be taken the following weekday. The date the meter was read and the number of days in each billing period are printed on your bill.

We make every reasonable attempt to access and read your meter every month. However, there may be times when your meter reading may need to be estimated. From day one we work hard to earn and keep your trust. We have the experience and know-how to handle the most unusual and challenging situations reading all types of meters.

Load Balancing

Business consumers can find significant energy-saving opportunities through load balancing as our main focus will be on reducing the consumer's monthly energy bill. When balancing loads across a 3-phase distribution system it also reduce the customer's maximum demand reading.

Load Schedulling

Peak demand is usually caused by a spike in power consumption, most often when multiple loads come on simultaneously. In addition to reducing energy costs through load balancing, you can also create immediate energy savings through load scheduling, which is the part of energy load management that minimizes demand.

Meter Tests

Your electricity meter have been tested and checked by the suppliers for accuracy prior to installation. All three main electricity meter brands supplied by Global International Meter Services to it's customers are installed and used by various supply authorities and city councils nationally and internationally.

Our full / comprehensive Services include:

We also offer at a very competitive price:

  • Check meter readings on request.
  • Final meter readings towards vacating Tenants
  • Three phase balancing towards business tenants to reduce their monthly maximum demand charges
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting electricity supply towards non-payment
  • Meter repairs and installations
  • Debt collection
  • Adjust business capacity charge / replace premises main circuit breaker to reduce tenants monthly utility charges
  • Processing and delivery of reminders to Tenants making irregular payments

Pre-paid Options:

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