Termination Of Your Supply Request

 Discontinue Supply Request

Discontinue Supply Request

Global International Meter Services appreciates your business and we hope you were satisfied with our service. In order to process your request to disconnect services, please download our Discontinuation Form.

If you move, you're responsible for paying your Global International Meter Services bills until you formally terminate your contract. This means that it's important to advise us of your moving date as soon as possible – at least seven days before you move, in the case of residential service. For other types of service, you must give Global International Meter Services 30 days notice, and it must be in writing.

By giving proper notice, you can avoid having to pay for electricity you didn't use. Your final bill is based on the last reading of your meter (by the meter reader) or on your estimated consumption, and, if applicable, your power demand. For most residential customers, only electricity consumption is taken into account on the bill.

When you vacate your premises where the pre-paid electricity meter is installed, an meter inspection will be conducted. No deposit refunds will be made if any damage was caused to the pre-paid meter. It is your duty to immediately report any defects or damages to the pre-paid meter before you sign our Private House/Flat Application Agreement. As with all South African city council amended By-laws, when you vacate your unit, no refunds will be given for unused electricity tokens left on your meter. An electricity top-up for a Prepaid meter cannot be used for, or transferred to, any other Prepaid meter.

Canceling your electricity services

If you are moving and need to disconnect power, we're sorry to see you leave. We hope we'll have the opportunity to serve you again sometime soon. We'll need one working day's notice (Monday-Friday) to turn off your power. Holidays may affect this timeframe. If you have placed a deposit with us, it will be applied to your final bill, as will any credit balance you may have.

If you are vacating your residence before the power is turned off, please shut off all breakers to the premises. This is a safety measure and will ensure that no electricity usage registers on the meter. Just fill out the Service Cancellation Form and we'll take care of the rest. Or, if you prefer to talk with a customer service representative, call (012) 751 0665.

Discontinuation Request:

To assist you with the discontinuation of your supply process, we requested that you only enter details in the fields provided below that is relevant to you.

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