Disconnection Of Your electricity Supply

 Electricity Disconnections

Disconnection measures

In the Utility Billing industry, everything is dependent on collections.

Global International Meter Services uses disconnection measures as a last resort. Our company go to great lengths to avoid disconnections. Whilst a sensitive issue, it is imperative that emotion is removed from the debate and that the facts are considered. Global International Meter Services believes that the industry must retain its right to disconnect customers who have the means to pay, but put energy bills low on their list of priorities. Disconnection is neither in the interest of customers nor Global International Meter Services, which is why we do not disconnect before every effort is made to contact the customer to allow them to continue their supply.

Electricity already consumed

Like other utilities, energy customers pay for a product that was already used of wich Global International Meter Services cannot demand its return if it is not paid for. In other retail sectors (e.g. food, clothing, electronics), the customer is expected to pay before taking ownership of the goods they desire. Failure to pay would, of course, mean that the right to have access to that service would be withdrawn. As with any retail business, Global International Meter Services maintain a right to restrict access to services for those consumers who refuse to pay their electricity and/or water bills and we will make every effort to recover the outstanding monies. Thus, for Global International Meter Services it is important to differentiate between those customers who cannot pay, and those who will not pay.

We disconnect electricity for the following reasons

  • You don't have an legal supply agreement with us.
  • You don't pay your electricity and/or water charges in full.
  • You tamper with our meters or equipment.
  • Safety reasons.
  • If you deny us access to your premises.
  • If we are unable to access your meter for 3 months or more.
  • You ask to be disconnected.
  • Your contract with us ends.
  • You have made payment arrangements without honoring them.
  • Failure to fulfill contractual obligations.
  • Failure to provide us with a connection deposit.
  • Failure to provide us with a C.O.C. certificate for a newly build home.

In most cases, Global International Meter Services will give you seven days written notice of disconnection wich will be delivered at your premises.

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