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 Credit Control

Collection Fees Provision:

In the event that a Customer defaults in the prompt payment of amounts due under our Global International Meter Services Supply Agreement and such indebtedness is placed in the hands of an attorney or collection agent for collection, bankruptcy or other proceedings, then the Customer will have to pay all the fees and expenses (including attorney fees) incurred by Global International Meter Services in the collection of such indebtedness.

Pay your bills:

It is important to always pay your electricity bills in time and in full. This will cause your account not to fall into arrears. Often customers tend to pay a portion of the amount that is due thinking that this will avoid a disconnection. City council bylaws enforced by Global International stipulate's that if there is any arrear amounts reflecting after the tax invoice due date (23'rd of each month), the 24'th of each month, the customer must receive a 7 day final demand letter (disconnection instruction letter) towards settlement of any arrear amounts.

Honour your debt agreements:

If you had previously signed a council prescribed payment arrangement with us, it pays to honor it. If you fail to do so, your electricity will be cut off. If however your circumstances had changed for the worse after you had signed the payment arrangement you should notify us immediately. Proof of the change of circumstances will be required.

Payment Assistance:

Please contact Global International Meter Services if you anticipate having difficulty paying your bill by the due date. Global International Meter Services will allow you to pay an outstanding bill after the due date if a proper council prescribed payment arrangement is submitted by you in writing. Global International Meter Services will include a two percent (2%) penalty for late payment. If you do not fulfill the terms of the special payment arrangement, your electricity supply will be disconnected and your written agreement you had with us will no longer be in force.

This Payment Arrangement is available to customers who can prove to us that they are unable to pay the full amount outstanding to us by the due date indicated on their bill. This payment arrangement will require you to make an initial percentage payment of the outstanding balance to initiate this written agreement, with the remaining balance paid in equal installments together with your normal monthly bill.

If you have received a disconnection notice and expressed an inability to pay, your payment arrangement will include an initial payment not less than 60% of the total amount in arrears and you will then be allowed to pay the remaining balance in six (6) equal installments over a maximum of six (6) billing periods. The installment length decision is based on city council rules and regulations.

If you are unable to pay the full outstanding amount on your tax invoice and need to make a payment arrangement with us - you may download our Global International Meter Services 60% council prescribed payment arrangement form from our website (button links to these payment arrangement forms are provided at the bottom of this page). Please fax (086 - 659 7617) or e-mail ([email protected]) the form to us.

Past Due Amount:

Any customer whose bill shows a past due amount will be delivered a final demand Notice of Termination. If you receive a Notice of Termination and your bill has already been paid, please call us as soon as possible. DO NOT DISREGARD the termination notice. We will verify that your payment has been received and credited to your account. If the past due amount has not been paid, your electricity supply will be turned off.

If a past due amount is owed and a payment is made on the bill, the amount paid will be applied to the customer's Global International Meter Services account in the following manner:

  Business Payment Arrangement    Residential Payment Arrangement

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