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Actom: Three-Phase Integrated Pre-payment Meter

HXE310-KP is a new generation of smart prepayment meter which integrates STS with AMI functionalities. With a keypad in the front of the meter cover, it supports multi-vending feasibilities for both remote and local credit charging.

1. Highlights

  • STS standard protocol ensures an open and secure operating system
  • Optical communication, open protocol: DLMS/COSEM (E mode)
  • Internal switch relay for load demand control by configuration or remote communication
  • Prepayment and post-payment mode switchable for users' convenience
  • A plug-and-play communication module (GPRS/ PLC/RF/ZIGBEE)

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2. Main Functionalities


  • Unidirectional or Bi-directional Measurement
  • Record active energy in tariffs
  • Instantaneous value measurement
  • 12-month billing data and other frozen data for inquiry
  • Prepayment is made via a numeric token with extended ways of recharging

LCD Display

  • Balance display configurable
  • Large digit LCD display, easy for reading
  • LCD backlights to increase readability in low light conditions(optional)
  • Scrolling display configurable for instant information enquiry
  • Display readable without main power (RWP)

Tampering Proof

  • Meter Cover open detection and record
  • Meter terminal detection and record
  • Bypass (optional)
  • Large magnetic event(optional)
  • Auxiliary Terminal for Energy Pulse Output(optional)

LCD Functionality:

Segment / symbol on LCD Description
Main display for energy, tokens and instantaneous values
OBIS code
Remaining credit data indicator
Low battery indication
kWh, V, A, KW Composite unit
Tamper event alarm indicator
Relay open / closed indicator
Communication symbol, flashes when data exchanges underway
Reverse current indicator
Voltage detection indicator
Current date
Current time
Credit successful
Credit failure


  • Demand Interval configurable
  • Block or slide mode configurable
  • 6-month billing data (active energy) displayable


  • Clock accuracy (daily deviation): = 0.5s (23?)
  • Day light saving configurable
  • Fraud protection function. The relay will be disconnected for fraud protection once detects the cover open and terminal cover open events
  • Multiple event detections and records with categories of operation, power grid and tampering
  • RS485 Communication with interface in accordance to DLMS standard (optional)
  • Emergency Credit for a certain sum of energy supply depending on User's credit level
  • User-friendly mode for energy supply for low credit during weekends or holidays (optional)
  • Forward and reverse active MD with time stamp


  • TOU
  • Step configurable

Load profile

  • Channel quantity customized before leaving the factory; up to 8 channels
  • Data for load profile record configuration

3. Specifications

  Description   Value
Class 1 or 2 (IEC), Class A or B (MID)
Reference voltage
Operating voltage range

Basic current
Maximum current
Starting current

40A, 60A, 80A, 100A
50Hz or 60Hz
Operation range
Limit range for storage and transport

-25℃ to +60℃
-40℃ to +75℃
Up to 95%
Power Consumption
Power consumption in voltage circuit (active)
Power consumption in voltage circuit (apparent)
Power consumption in current circuit

=2 W
=10 VA
=1 VA
Insulation Strength
AC voltage test
Impulse voltage test

4kV during 1min
1.2/50us mains connections 6kV
Electrostatic discharges(Contact discharges)
Electrostatic discharges(Air discharges)
Surge immunity test
Fast transient burst test
Electromagnetic RF fields (80MHz to 2000MHz)

10V/m(with current), 30V/m(without current)
Connection Terminals
8 mm
Protection degree
Meter cove
Meter base
Terminal cover

IP54(with long terminal cover)
Opaque PC+ fiber glass with a transparent window
Opaque PC+ fiber glass
Opaque PC+ fiber glass
Digit size
Number of digits

8.8mm x 4.5mm
Communication Interface
Optical communication
PLC/GPRS communication module

Net weight


Approx. 1.50kg (without communication module)
Approx. 1.59kg (+PLC communication module)
Approx. 1.62(+GPRS communication module)
Short terminal cover:
Approx.1.45kg (without communication module)
Approx.1.54kg(+PLC communication module)
Approx.1.57kg(+GPRS communication module
277mm×175mm×89mm (Extended terminal cover)
234mm×175mm×89mm (Short terminal cover)

Overall Dimension

Pre-paid Options:
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Terminal Block

Wiring Diagram

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