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Actom: Single-Phase Din Rail Pre-payment Meter

Equipped with proven keypad technology, Actom prepaid keypad meter contains all critical metering, token decryption, relay disconnection and reverse energy detection functionality. Together with the modern look and feel, it can be used in a wide range of applications for all consumer types.

Installations and Operation

The MCU part should be installed outdoor where is dry and ventilated. We suggest to install it in the meter box which can be protected from ruin. The MCU part is Din rail mounted, the CIU part is installed indoor. Just plug it into any power socket.

LCD Display

The scroll display table is configurable via PC software, includes: date, time, balance credit, total energy consumption, active power, SGC No.meter No., instantaneous voltage, instantaneous current, upper limit of active power and tariff index.

Static Display

When meter is disconnected from main line, static display is available to indicate the balance. Note: the default static display time is 3 minutes and this time is configurable via PC software.

Energy Measurement

HXE12 Single phase keypad meter can measure energy in security mode, which means it records reverse energy as forward one, and adds this value to total energy consumption. The registration range is 000000.00 – 999999.99 kWh. The meter can also measure instantaneous power, voltage and current.

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Meter Communication

HXE12 Single Phase keypad meter is equipped with optical communication port which complies with IEC62056-21 standard. It is available to read and configure the meter via PC software or HHU. Meter parameters are programmable through Hexing PC software.

Through Hexing PC software, user can read and write as follows:

  • Total credit
  • Voltage and current
  • Balance credit
  • Meter number

Through Hexing PC software user can program as follows:

  • Meter number
  • SGC code
  • Key modification waiting time
  • Threshold of alarm
  • Emergency credit
  • Maximum credit upper limit
  • CIU number

LCD Functionality:

Segment / symbol on LCD Description
Main display for energy, tokens and instantaneous values
OBIS code
Remaining credit data indicator
Low battery indication
kWh, V, A, KW Composite unit
Tamper event alarm indicator
Relay open / closed indicator
Communication symbol, flashes when data exchanges underway
Reverse current indicator
Voltage detection indicator
Current date
Current time
Credit successful
Credit failure

Communication between MCU & CIU:

PLC communication is applied between the MCU and CIU. The maximum communication distance between MCU and CIU is 150 meters.

  • Key in TOKEN code or query code, click enter key (❝ ❞). The information will be returned from meter if the communication is successful and LCD will display as follows.

  • The LCD will display as follows if fails in communication:

  • When power-on, CIU will synchronous with the meter automatically to obtain meter information.
  • After setting the alarm of remaining credit, every time meter registers 0.5 KWh, it will synchronous automatically with CIU to transfer information to CIU.
  • Meter will synchronous automatically with CIU on the hour.
  • When it is under relay connection or relay disconnection, meter will synchronous automatically with CIU to transfer information to CIU.

STS function: Credit

  • After purchase credit at CDU or POS , user will get a 20-digits TOKEN, such as ❝6418-8786-2991-6780-9510 ❞. The TOKEN is encrypted by credit value, data and meter key according to STS standard.
  • Key in 20-digits token through keypad on the CIU. Credit successfully, the LCD will display the energy amount immediately and there is ❝SS❞ shown on the top left corner of LCD.

  • Token Rejection: The 20-digits TOKEN is not entered correctly.

  • The TOKEN has been used to credit meter before.

  • The token is beyond the validity.

    Note: Note: CIU display cumulative kWh register CIU is able to recall the last five successful credit tokens entered.

Alarm Function

When the remaining credit is less than the third alarm thresholds, the buzzer will alarm.

Visible and audible low credit alarm is available to facilitate user to manage the balance and credit the meter in time.

  • Green LED on – When credit is full or have enough credit
  • Red LED on – When remaining credit is less than first alarm
  • Red LED flash – When remaining credit is less than second alarm

Inquiry Button

  Short code   Function
Remaining Energy
Meter ID
Cancel audible alarm
Current month energy consumption
Last Credit TOKEN
Last month energy consumption
Last month credited energy
Last credit energy
Last credit date
Last day energy consumption
Last credit time
Total EC
SGC code

Overall Dimension

Pre-paid Options:
Purchase Prepaid

With a variety of online, mobile, ATM and EFT purchasing options, we've made it even easier for you to buy your prepaid electricity whenever and however you want to.

Replace Meter Card

If you need us to replace your pre-paid meter card, simply fill in the pdf form and e-mail it to our offices. Your request will be processed as soon as we receive your proof of payment.

Meters On Sale

Meter Prices are subject to change at any time and some meters are limited to stock on hand. If out of stock, Lead time for meter manufacturing usually takes about 6 - 8 weeks.

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