Enjoy The Following Advantages


    Global International is a company founded on integrity and experience in the water and electricity industry. Therefore Global International Meter Services can without any doubt manage any large portfolio with ease.


    Our staff have years of experience dealing with all aspects of meter reading, billing and energy management, thereby assisting all your consumer's queries more professionally on a day to day basis.


    All bulk utility bills gets paid by our company each month. With this approach we aim to keep your property management / developer company's overall monthly financial burdens to a minimum.

  • 24 / 7 ASSISTANCE

    Global International Meter Services provides to all its customers, 24-hour emergency service assistance. Our courteous, friendly and professional staff will ensure the work is done right the first time.


    The sound assurance that all your Tenants are billed according to Government rules and regulations, set out annually in the Government Gazette as well as by the various city councils.


    At new buildings / complexes We will install / supply SABS approved meters to the developer for installation at no cost. These meters will stay the property of Global International Meter Services.


    When we take over an existing complex, Global international will buy the electrical meters from the outgoing utility management company and these meters will then become the property of Global International.


    We take full responsibility towards the bulk electricity deposit/guarantee which will be payable to the various supply authorities for the supply of bulk electricity and/or water to each complex.


    Landlords and property management companies often deal with under recovery of electricity. We will do a proper energy audit on your building and will advise you of any adjustments that need to be made accordingly.


    Global International's main objective is to relieve Landlords and Property administrators of losses incurred due to electricity and water under recoveries, meter tampering, liquidation and absconding of Tenants.

   Our Services

  Electricity Sub Meter Readings

Our experience in the utilities sector is extensive. We provide reliable meter reading for a wide variety of property management companies. Whether large or small, your satisfaction is our top priority. Global International uses state of the art software and technology to read all types of electricity meters.

Electricity Meter readings are recorded on hand-held devices in the field and after our monthly financial close-off, these meter-reading are then uploaded as the data source for billing purposes. We know the importance ...read more

  Water And Sanitation Sub Meter Readings

Body corporates and property management companies often need to deal with water management issues. Installing new sub-meter water meters may be the best option when it comes down to reducing water usage and wastage. Correct and fair meter reading can lead to higher revenues, as it improves the efficiency of billing.

Please note that we only provide a water meter reading service in conjunction with the electricity meter reading service at a building or complex due to the fact that there are no build-in tariff profit ... read more

  Prepaid Water & Electricity Meter Services

Prepay always work better for consumers who want to take full control of their electricity account and energy usage. When monitoring your prepay consumption on a regular basis, you will begin to notice patterns in your day-to-day usage. Any variation from this pattern, such as a house guest, or a vacation where little energy is being used, will become evident as you monitor your account.

You can therefore make simple changes around your house or flat that produce visible energy savings. By looking at the display screen on the in-home keypad, you can actually see a change in your costs when you turn out unnecessary lights or adjust your ... read more

  Sub Meter Maintenance Plan

Your meter have been tested and checked by the suppliers for accuracy prior to installation. Global International Meter Services only buy prepaid meters from internationally accredited suppliers. This means that the meter we supplied you with complies with all the relevant SABS standards. All three main electricity meter brands supplied by Global International Meter Services to it's customers are installed and used by various supply authorities and city councils nationally and internationally.

The inconvenience of not having any electricity or water supply to a tenant or home owner's premises due to a device failure can result in a lot of frustration when these matters ... read more

   Select A Service

We stay ahead of industry trends and shifts to offer energy management services which leverage an ever-changing environment. With Global International as your water and electricity partner, your entire prepaid infrastructure will not only be compliant but also very competitive. Here below is just some of our main service offerings:

Credit Control

We value our customers and build an understanding relationship with all our debtors.

Supply Disconnections

Please send us your proof of payment to have the power reconnected.

Collect / Refund Deposit's

Your deposit will be refunded in the form of a credit on your final bill.

Meter Readings

We know the importance of accurate meter readings. We will normally read your meter every 30 days.

Replace / Install Meters

Our maintenance plan is designed to give all prepaid customers as well as property management companies peace of mind.

Request A New Service

It's easy to start or stop your electricity services. Just choose the appliccable business or residential form and fax or e-mail it to us.


 About Us

Most property developers, landlords and portfolio managers across South Africa know that our ability to manage large electricity property portfolio's and complex smart meter and pre-paid projects sets us apart in the utility management industry.

Global International Meter Services is a professional normal conventional and pre-paid meter management company with a strong tradition of leadership among it's clients throughout Gauteng and surrounding areas. We specialize in all types of prepaid meter conversions at existing commercial buildings, industrial plants, office parks, malls and large estates. Upgrading your estate owners old electro-mechanical meters to our modern prepaid meters will definately be a very smart move!!

Global International is increasingly focused on customer satisfaction, reliability, cost savings and energy efficiency. As a strategic response, Global International is turning to the latest Prepaid Metering technology.

With everything else commercial, retail, office, industrial and estate owners need to think about while running their operations; it's nice to know that Global International is quietly providing the reliable prepaid meter maintenance and management service they depend on.

 Mission Statement

Most companies have a mission, a vision, values and a strategic position. At Global International Meter Services - we don't just hang ours on the wall or bury them inside employee handbooks. We live and work by them. The way we pursue this mission shapes the kind of business we are. We believe that by first meeting our customers, property portfolio administrators, developers and landlord's needs for quality and superior services, we ultimately will ensure Global International's own grouth and success.

Our Mission is to produce Customer Satisfaction and become known as the supplier of choice in Gauteng and surrounding area's with quality personnel that are consistently being properly trained and educated to ensure a effective, helpful and a very friendly customer service.

Global International Meter Services is dedicated to serving its customers with a superior, responsive and reliable electricity, sanitation, gas and water services in a manner that builds trust among its consumers, landlords, developers and property administration companies alike.

With this goal in mind, we like to bring comfort to all our landlords, owners and portfolio administrators, by providing their customers with reliable meter readings and proper billing. We aim to give one kind of service to everyone the best that's possible. That means supplying our customers with what they want when they want it. It means being courteous and easy to do business with at all times. It means doing everything we can to keep complaints from arising, and it means prompt and fair handling of those that do.

We seek to provide our consumers with energy services of true value and quality that will exceed all their expectations.

 Core Values


We will be honest and straightforward in all that we do. Our employees make sound decisions, representing the company in a professional manner. We believe in keeping our promises and following through by doing what we say we will do. We seek a fair work environment and aim to resolve business disagreements in a climate of win-win. We treat our employees, customers, developers, landlords, and property administrators with respect and regard them as business partners. We believe in an environment of trust, openness, and mutual respect.


We focus on excellence in productivity through training and by improving processes, which results in an outstanding final outcome. Employees have the determination, the enthusiasm, and the passion to succeed in meeting both our company's and our customer's high standards and goals. As individuals, we seek and contribute new ideas resulting in unparalleled organizational excellence. Our company prides itself on doing the job right the first time through the sincere attitude of our employees.


Our desire is to create customers for life by offering unparalleled service. We will demonstrate strong leadership, sound thinking, and good business practices, in which change is viewed as an opportunity to grow and improve the quality of service provided to meet customers needs. Employees ideas and innovative solutions are sought to bring about change.


We believe that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy place to work. It is the commitment of management to provide the safest possible conditions for our employees.


Our greatest resource is our staff. We believe that demonstrating respect for the uniqueness of every individual builds confident and creative team members with a high degree of initiative, self-respect, and self-discipline. We foster opportunities for personal, professional, and organizational growth and innovation by all team members.


We encourage the contribution of all employees and promote collaboration for teamwork and mutual respect throughout the organization. We will encourage teams to use problem-solving tools and techniques to improve their processes and systems.


We listen to the needs of all our consumers, knowing that an unfulfilled need creates the best opportunities.


We constantly learn and implement new and better ways, sharing information and ideas effectively.


We conduct ourselves and our business with due care and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

10  Company Vision

We are the growth company in the utility management industry. Come grow with us! Delivering on a vision in today's environment has challenges and opportunities.

 Switching To Us

Because you live in South Africa which has a deregulated electricity market, you have the power to switch!!!

Contact us for a professional service where you get the following advantages:

  • We uphold the rules and regulations published annually in the Government Gazette as given through by the various City Councils.
  • Should you have a query regarding your charges, a copy of the City Council rules and regulations clearly stating the legal charges for your premises will be faxed to you as well as a contact number for the City Council should you wish to confirm the charges with one of their representatives.
  • We feel that each and every tenant work hard for their money and should under no circumstances be charged more than they have to pay as this is illegal and unprofessional.Thus, we do give energy saving tips to all customers.
  • You receive immediate and same day answers to your queries;
  • We are available 24 hours in the Pretoria / Johannesburg area should you have an emergency;
  • Should you leave a message, you will be contacted the same day;
  • Should you change your details, the changes will be done directly and a copy of your statement reflecting your new details will be e-mailed or faxed to you.
  • We deal with Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Office Block property meter readings, thus, everyone are welcome to make use of our professional utility management services.
  • Charges like call out fees, cutting fees, reconnection fees, deposit payments are all charged according to the Rules and Regulations of the N E R S A and the applicable City Councils.
  • We pride ourselves in providing a professional service to all our clients.


Come Experience The Difference

...with Global International Meter Services as your A - Z utility management solution.

Global International Meter Services benefit from what we believe is one of our strongest management skills in the electricity reselling industry, well trained staff and an infrastructure that enables us to execute at consistently high levels across all facets of our business. But even in light of all the success that was achieved between 2007  -   , we are not resting on past achievements. As our new initiatives demonstrate, we are continuing to refine and enhance our business model to create the best platform for future growth.

With this presentation we hope to exceed all your expectations as a very proud, reliable and trustworthy utility management company.

 Bill Example

   Smart And Pre-paid Meters Product Info

Meter Prices are subject to change at any time and some meters are limited to stock on hand. We reserve the right to refuse to honor any incorrect Internet prices as we cannot account for the occasional human error. If out of stock, Lead time for meter manufacturing usually takes about 6 - 8 weeks.

User Interfase Unit

UIU Keypad

Data Concentrator

Network Communication

Intigrated Prepaid Meter

Single Phase

Smart Prepaid Meter

Three Phase

Din Rail Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

Integrated Pre-paid Meter

Three Phase

Smart Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

User Interfase Unit

UIU Keypad

Data Concentrator

Network Communication

Integrated Pre-paid Meter

Three Phase

Split Pre-paid Meter

Three Phase

Split Din-Rail Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

Integrated Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

Split Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

User Interfase Unit

UIU Keypad

Data Concentrator

Network Communication

Integrated Pre-paid Meter

Three Phase

Split Pre-paid Meter

Three Phase

Din Rail Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

Integrated Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

Split Pre-paid Meter

Single Phase

Pre-paid Water Meter

With Split Keypad

Pre-paid Water Meter

Bulk Connections

Integrated Smart Pre-paid Meter

Three Phase

   Purchase Prepaid electricity and water tokens from the following vendors:

 Prepaid electricity tokens can be bought in a variety of ways to ensure that tenants can top up their pre-paid meters any time of the day or night at many convenient locations countrywide.

IMPORTANT:   Should any retail shop vendor or on-line site ask for your Municipality or Private Metering Company when registering on its site or if you are just purchasing electricity from the shop or filling station, please select "Prepaid World." Prepaid World acts as a payment "switch:" processing your prepaid purchase transaction.

   Selected news articles:

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   Download Forms

Note: All our forms is in PDF format. To view it, you must use version 10 or higher of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (it can be downloaded for free).

Residential Application

Gauteng Province

Electricity can not be supplied should this application form not be completed in full (each page must be signed and a copy of your I.D document must be attached.)


Business Application

Gauteng Province

Electricity can not be supplied should this application form not be completed in full (each page must be signed and a copy of your I.D document must be attached.)


Request Special Meter Reading

Gauteng Province

If the results show that the meter is operating within the proper allowed 5% range (faster or slower), no adjustments or refunds will be made to your account.


Discontinue Supply

Gauteng Province

The electricity supply to your premises will be diconnected on your requested date. Please ensure that all your circuit breakers in the main distribution board are switched off before you finally vacate the premises.


   Nersa Approved Tariffs


Downgrading or Upgrading your fixed monthly capacity charge is totally free if it's your first time. This includes the admin, labor, traveling and the installation cost of your reduced circuit breaker.

  View Application Detail

Business Tariffs (July - June )

Please note that all tariffs reflecting below are exclusive of 15% VAT.

Electricity July - June July - June
Electricity R 1.41 / kWh R 1.51 / kWh
Water Old New
Water R 20.16 / kl R 22.28 / kl
Sanitation Old New
Sanitation R 7.92 / kl R 8.31 / kl
Single Phase (1 PH) Capacity Charges Old New
20 amperes or less R 333.00 R 355.78
More than 20 amperes but not more than 40 amperes R 554.00 R 591.89
More than 40 amperes but not more than 60 amperes R 775.00 R 828.01
More than 60 amperes but not more than 80 amperes R 1,105.00 R 1,180.58
Three Phase (3 PH) Capacity Charges Old New
20 amperes or less R 829.00 R 885.70
More than 20 amperes but not more than 40 amperes R 1,659.00 R 1,772.48
More than 40 amperes but not more than 60 amperes R 2,322.00 R 2,480.82
More than 60 amperes but not more than 80 amperes R 3,427.00 R 3,661.41
More than 80 amperes but not more than 100 amperes R 4,090.00 R 4,369.76
More than 100 amperes but not more than 125 amperes R 5,085.00 R 5,432.81
More than 125 amperes but not more than 150 amperes R 6,080.00 R 6,495.87

Pre-paid Residential Tariffs (July - June )

Please note that the tariff scale below will reset every new calendar month. This means that prepaid purchases is accumulative during the month and do not start with the first block for every transaction, consumers will only start at block 1 within the new calendar month.

Inclining Tariff Scale Per Unit (Excluding VAT) Per Unit (Including VAT)
Block 1 :   0    -    100 kWh R 1.4178 R 1.63047
Block 2 : 101    -    400 kWh R 1.6592 R1.9080
Block 3 : 401    -    650 kWh R 1.8077 R 2.0788
Block 4 : >   650 kWh R 1.9488 R 2.2411

Residential Tariffs: Single Phase 60A (July - June )

Please note that all tariffs reflecting below excludes 15% VAT.

Inclining Tariff Scale Approved c/kWh (Excluding VAT) Service Charge (R / month) Capacity Charge (R / month)
Block 1 :   0    -    500 kWh 118,58 123,01 362,38
Block 2 : 501    -    1000 kWh 136,08 123,01 362,38
Block 3 : 1001    -    2000 kWh 146,12 123,01 362,38
Block 4 : 2001    -    3000 kWh 154,17 123,01 362,38
Block 5 : >   3000 kWh 161,73 123,01 362,38

Residential Tariffs: Single Phase 80A (July - June )

Please note that all tariffs reflecting below excludes 15% VAT.

Inclining Tariff Scale Approved c/kWh (Excluding VAT) Service Charge (R / month) Capacity Charge (R / month)
Block 1 :   0    -    500 kWh 118,58 123,01 398,47
Block 2 : 501    -    1000 kWh 136,08 123,01 398,47
Block 3 : 1001    -    2000 kWh 146,12 123,01 398,47
Block 4 : 2001    -    3000 kWh 154,17 123,01 398,47
Block 5 : >   3000 kWh 161,73 123,01 398,47

Conventional Business Service & Capacity Tariffs (July - June )

Please note that the summer rate will be applicable from September to May- both months inclusive and the winter rate will be applicable from June to August - both moths inclusive.

Supply Service Charge Per / Month Capacity Charge Per / Month
Block 1 (0-500kWh) R 370.77 R 355.49
Block 2 (501-1000kWh) R 370.77 R 355.49
Block 3 (1001-2000kWh) R 370.77 R 355.49
Block 4 (2001-3000kWh) R 370.77 R 355.49
Block 5 (>3000kWh) R 370.77 R 355.49

Conventional Business Energy(kWh) Tariffs (July - June )

Please note that the summer rate will be applicable from September to May- both months inclusive and the winter rate will be applicable from June to August - both moths inclusive.

Energy Charge
Block 1 (0-500kWh) 163,90 172.62 c / kWh
Block 2 (501-1000kWh) 180.38 188.25 c / kWh
Block 3 (1001-2000kWh) 189.40 196.80 c / kWh
Block 4 (2001-3000kWh) 196.48 203.52 c / kWh
Block 5 (>3000kWh) 203.02 209.72 c / kWh

  Pre-paid Vending Platform

Self and hosted vending option

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When submitting this form, you are aware that we will process the personal data that you give us in order to facilitate your request. The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is that it is necessary in order to fulfill our legitimate interest to provide you with the information you have requested. For further details, please read our privacy notice.


If you are currently without electricity or concerned that your electricity may be disconnected, please call Customer Services at (+27)xxx Show Number.

If you post confidential materials to Global International Meter Services, please do so using registered post. Global International Meter Services will accept no responsibility for the loss of documents for which it has not signed.

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